I went out into the forest
and caught
a hundred thousand fireflies
as they ricochet
round my room
they remind me
of your starry eyes

Will. 32. Eastbourne, UK. Nightcrawler.

<3 = Belle & Sebastian, The Magnetic Fields, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Calvin and Hobbes, cooking, lava lamps, hoodies, lying on the grass staring at the sky in the summer, David Wain movies, drinking pimms, barbeques, Greylock, September sunsets, lists, being the only one to laugh at my jokes, singing whilst driving etc.
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There was a time when nothing ever really mattered
There was a time when there was nothing I didn’t know
There was a time when I knew just what I was living for
There was a time and the time was so long ago By "It Just Won’t Quit" - Meat Loaf

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Things that say a lot about people:

  • the way which they treat the waiter/waitress
  • how they feel about the weather
  • whether they dog ear pages or highlight in books 
  • fingernails 
  • and hands in general
  • their preferred creative outlet
  • how much they dread/enjoy talking on the phone
  • whether or not they drink coffee
  • if they ever forget to eat
  • how honest they are with themselves (and others)
  • if they correct your grammar
  • how they treat their parents 

so this is the start of me creating my “Summer evening” playlist. I’m just writing down a few tunes off the top of my head that will be on it:

summer breeze - isley brothers

song for sunshine - belle & sebastian

dark clouds - space

body request - har mar superstar

lucy - jealousy

bubblicious - rex the dog

burning flies - looper

the boy with the arab strap - belle & Sebastian

runaround - blues traveller

can’t stand me now - libertines

afternoons and coffee spoons - crash test dummies

the flowers she sent and the flowers she said she sent - magnetic fields

why I cry - magnetic fields

living with the dreaming body - poi dog pondering

feel flows - beach boys

get lucky - daft punk

give it to me right - melanie Fiona

heavy drops - honeyroot

in the meantime - spacehog

island in the sun - weezer

oblivion - grimes

that lady - isley brothers

sprawl II - arcade fire

sleepyhead - passion pit

sound and vision - david bowie

100,000 fireflies - magnetic fields

hotel California - the eagles

…to be continued…