I went out into the forest
and caught
a hundred thousand fireflies
as they ricochet
round my room
they remind me
of your starry eyes

Will. 33. Eastbourne, UK. Nightcrawler.

<3 = Belle & Sebastian, The Magnetic Fields, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Calvin and Hobbes, cooking, lava lamps, hoodies, lying on the grass staring at the sky in the summer, David Wain movies, drinking pimms, barbeques, Greylock, September sunsets, lists, being the only one to laugh at my jokes, singing whilst driving etc.
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stuff I want to make me happy

1. a hot shower

2. playing friendly but competitive sports at night under floodlights

3. time to cook

4. organisation

5. a varied and fulfilling sex life

6. complete collections

7. open windows

8. sofa duvets

9. chocolate milk

10. music that I like